Product List

Ointment Manufacturing Plant

Ravi Kiran make ointment manufacturing plant is suitable for the preparation of viscous and semi solid products like pharmaceutical ointment, cosmetic cream, lotions, gels, toothpaste, etc.

The Ravi Kiran Ointment plant is a highly versatile system consisting of oil phase vessel, water phase vessel and a main processing mixer.

The salient features of the plant as below.
  1. The Ravi Kiran Ointment plant is a complete system requiring very little human interface during the process cycle.

  2. The main vessel is vacuum rated for efficient and air free process of the manufacturing process.

  3. Independent oil and water phase vessel for accurate mixing control

  4. The water phase vessel is provided with a high speed disperser.

  5. The oil phase vessel is provided with a slow speed agitator for efficient mixing

  6. Main processing mixer is provided with a anchor agitator and a bottom entry homogenizer for efficient mixing

  7. The agitator of the mixer is Semi Contra type with baffles and perforated (provided with large holes) type for uneven, efficient and gentle mixing of the product.

  8. The homogenizer is of unique design using rotor and stator principle for fine droplet and dispersion of the final product.

  9. A VFD is provided for the agitator and homogenizer for optimum speed setting as per product requirements.

  10. All the vessels are provided with double jacket for heating / cooling function.

  11. A mineral wool insulation for the vessels optimizes heat loss and makes the plant energy efficient.

  12. Working platform for ease of operation

  13. A central control panel to perform all the operations for the operation of the plant.

  14. Accessories like vacuum pump, lobe pump, interconnection pipeline with valves, mesh filters, etc are provided as a standard.

  15. An optional contra-rotary agitator is suitable for the preparation of foaming products like toothpaste, etc.

  16. Optionally available load cells for real time monitoring of the feed mixture.

  17. Optional complete automation of the plant with PLC based operation complete with MMI and menu options with customized automation functions as per client requirement.

  18. Available in R&D models, pilot plant models and production scale models from 10 Ltrs to 3000 Ltrs batch capacities.