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Fluid Bed Dryer Manufacturers in India

The fluid bed dryer also known commonly as a fluidized bed dryer is widely used in the pharmaceutical industries. The major application of this equipment is to minimize the content of wetness and moisture in the granules and powders related to medicines and pharmaceuticals. It is crucial to dry out all the wet granules in order to get them properly compressed in the tablets.

Before completing the packaging and compression process of all contents in medicines, proper drying is mandatory. Ravi Kiran Industries are the leading Fluid Bed Dryer Manufacturers in India developing the best products for enhancing the drying process and getting the tablets packed properly.

Construction of Fluid Bed Dryer

There are majorly two types of fluidized dryers available with us namely horizontal dryer and vertical dryer. These dryers are constructed from plastic and stainless steel. The best quality stainless steel prevents the product from any sort of rusting or wear and tear. The horizontal dryers are made for the continuous drying process whereas the vertical ones are used for the batch drying.

At the bottom side of the dryer, there is a detachable vessel that is used for the material loading and unloading. A perforated mesh is available for passing hot air inside with high pressure. All the dried granules and materials are collected in the bag filter which is found on top of the vessel.

Major advantages of fluidized bed dryer

Some of the main benefits of using fluid bed dryers are as follows:

  1. These dryers have high thermal efficiency as compared to the tray dryers.

  2. These dryers come in varying sizes with drying capacity from 5 to 250 kg per hour.

  3. There are no hotspots found on the final product.

  4. The fluid dryers guarantee a homogenous and faster drying process.

  5. These dryers suit the best for the products that are heat sensitive.

  6. They have proved to be efficient in the drying of the granules and wet particles.

  7. These are easy to use and do not require much labor.

Top factors which make us the best Fluid Bed Dryer Manufacturers in India

We have been working as Fluid Bed Dryer Manufacturers in Indiafor 30 + years. Our result-oriented approach has always let us move towards fame and success.

  1. Use of best quality materials

    The stainless steel and plastic entertained by us being the most trusted Fluid Bed Dryer Manufacturers in Indiaare of superior quality. This prevents any sort of corrosion in the products at any stage in life.

  2. The expert team of professionals

    All the technicians working in our company are highly skilled and experienced. They come with more than 15 years of work experience and diligently perform their duty to deliver the best products and services.

  3. Quicker response

    Our clients are our first priority and we do our best to serve them properly. The support team is available 24*7 to assist them as and when needed.

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