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Fluid Bed Dryer

The Fluid Bed Dryer is a highly versatile machine for drying of granules, crystalline & coarse powders and similar materials for the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, dyestuff and allied industries. Due to its unique design and flexibility, the drying time and loss of material is greatly reduced thereby increasing production.


The operation of the fluid bed dryer is very simple whereby the drying of the material takes place by forced air circulation inside the chamber.

The atmospheric air is drawn through the air micron filter by a specially designed blower mounted on the top of the dryer. The clean air then passes through the heating elements (electric cheater / steam / thermic fluid radiator) to reach the required temperature. The hot air then passes through the product container and the product gets dries faster by air fludization. The air circulation is controlled by means of dampers. A Filter bag provided inside the drying chamber prevents the finest of particles of the material from entering the air stream. The main chamber is provided with on explosion flap to protect against pressure buildup inside the chamber. Digital temperature controller for the inlet air and temperature indicator for the outlet air comes as a standard.

Higher capacity models are provided with automatic operation like automatic bag shaker timer, pneumatic damper (butterfly valve) operation, process timer, sampling valve with bottle, etc is provided as a standard. Fully automatic operation with data logging through a PLC is provided as an option.

For higher capacity models the blower can be detached for mounting in the service area to reduce noise level and isolate maintenance from the production area.

Salient Features:
  • All contact parts are S.S. 316 quality and the bottom chamber, blower chamber explosion chamber, supporting structure, trolley, etc are of S.S. 304 quality.
  • Automatic pneumatic bag shaking with timers and butter fly valve (optional for lower models)
  • Pneumatic lifting for product container (optional for lower models)
  • Temperature controller for electrical heaters / steam radiator.
  • Quick action butterfly valve ensures that the systems is totally contained and enclosed.
  • Explosion flap with aluminum / calf gasket to protect from pressure building inside the chamber.

  • PLC automation with printer for data logging.
  • Solid particle detection system or tarn bag detections system.
  • Pneumatic lifting for product container (optional for lower models)
  • Differential pressure gauges to monitor pressure across inlet air filter and filter bags.
  • Positive earthing arrangement with low voltage relay.
  • Inflatable silicon gasket for the filter bag and the product container.