Product List
Octagonal Cone Blender

The main drum of the blender is coupled to a suitable motor through an oil filled gear box mounted on a sturdy frame structure. The unit is provided with a butterfly valve at one side and is provided with removable baffles inside the drum. The other side is provided with a manhole for accessibility inside the chamber for cleaning. An electrical panel is provided for housing the motor on-off starter, timer,
inching device etc.

  • Due to its unique design lower power consumption at higher loads is possible.
  • Large capacity models are possible due to its compact design.
  • The inside of the blender is completely cleanable through the man hole provided at one side. Also the
    baffles are removable and can be easily removed for cleaning.
  • Ease in loading through the loading container or through the over head silo or by vacuum transfer is
  • Due to its compact design, lesser floor space required compared t other blenders.