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Rapid Mixer Granulator

The Rapid Mixer Granulator in India provides a highly versatile machine suitable for dry mixing and wet granulation in the same bowl and in short time cycle. The complete operation is done within 10-30 minutes. The entire operation is performed in a closed dust free environment and the complete operation is automatic, including the discharge.

Rapid Mixer Granulator


The main assembly Of the high shear mixer granulator consists of a main mixing bowl made out of S.S. 316 quality, highly polished to give a mirror non-stick finish.

The bowl is provided with two impellers, the main mixing impeller is mounted vertically with a horizontal rotation and the chopper blade is mounted on the side and rotates in the vertical axis. The main mixing assembly is provided with four blades, two for mixing and two for pushing the material upwards. The complete assembly is mounted on a suitable bearing housing provided beneath the bowl with specially designed seal and air purging arrangement. The complete assembly is coupled to a suitable gear box and motor through a belt assembly. The mixing blade is provided with a dual speed motor for two sets of mixing RPMs and can optionally be provided with VFD for variable frequency.

The High Shear Mixer Granulator in India provides chopper blade is a high speed blade with provided with specially designed blades to break the lumps into smaller granules with a short cycle time. The assembly is provided with a suitable bearing housing directly coupled to a suitable motor. The chopper rotation as a standard is at high speed can optionally be provided with VFD for speed variation.

The top of the bowl is a dish-end provided with mechanically balanced loads for assisting in opening and closing the top lid. It is provided with standard parts for charging, view and air vent parts. The top can optionally be provided with pneumatic lifting arrangement in place of the mechanical loads.

The discharge is provided with a pneumatically operated valve for complete and automatic discharge at the end of the cycle. The valve is provided with suitable 'O' rings for leak proof operation.

The complete structure is mounted on a sturdy platform duty cladded with S.S. Dimpled sheets, provided with a stair case with railings. The sides of the platform are cladded with S.S. 304 sheets and mirror polished as per GMP standards.

An electrical panel of S.S. With the contactors, relays. Timers on -off push buttons for the main motor, on-off push button for the chopper motor, pneumatic open – close for the discharge valve etc. on the platform for ease in operation. The machine can optionally be provided PLC for fully automatic operation and data logging.

ranulation Line :- Rapid Mixer Granulator is a highly versatile machine suitable for dry mixing and wet granulation in the same bowl and in short time cycle. chopper blade is a high speed blade with provided with specially designed blades to break the lumps into smaller granules with a short cycle time.

Salient Features:

  • Specially designed bowl ensures constant flow of processing material thereby reducing the process time to have a short batch cycle time.
  • Specially designed mixing blades and the chopper blades gives a uniform and homogenous product of even particle size without lumps.
  • Pneumatic discharge ensures quick and complete discharge of the material fro the container.
  • Charging port provided for charging material during processing.
  • Totally enclosed system and filter bag for the top vent gives a completely dust free environment.
  • All mechanical and electrical components are in assembled condition ready for operation.
  • Dual speed for the main motor depending on the product to be mixe.
  • Various interlocks provided for safety.