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Pure Steam Generator

Pure Steam Generator is designed to produce sterile, pyrogen free steam conforming to I.P./B.P & LAL TEST specifications.


D.M.Feed Water is fed to the 1st & 2nd Pre-Heater where it gets heated nearly to the boiling point. The feed water then passes to the main chamber where it is heated by means of external boiler steam. Due to heat exchange, surface evaporation of the feed water takes place to produce pyrogen free sterile steam.

  Scope Of Supply 
  • S.S.316 Quality Multistage Pump (grundfos) for Feed Water.
  • Automatic Panel Board
  • Control Valves, Pressure Gauges, Safety Valve, Rotameters, Etc.
  • S.S.304 Quality Stand.
  Salient Features
  • 100% pyrogen free steam conforming to I.P./B.P. & LAL TEST specifications at 3 kg/cm2
  • Provided with Automatic Panel Board.
  • Used for sterilization of Vessels, Autoclaves, Pipelines, etc.
Technical Specifications
Material: All contact parts are made out of AISI 316quality.
Feed Water Quality: De-Ionized mineral water with a max. conductivity of 5 microsemens/cm2
Boiler Steam:  Minimum pressure 6 Kg/cm2
Pure Steam: 3 Kg/Cm2
Model Pure Steam Output
AT 3 KG/CM2Pressure
Boiler Steam Consumption
(KG/HR.) AT 6 KG/
CM2 Pressure
D. M. Water Consumption
(Feed Water LTR/HR)
AT 7 /CM2Pressure
100 KGS. 100 KGS. / HR. 125 120
200 KGS 200 KGS. / HR. 245 240
300 KGS. 300 KGS. / HR. 365 350