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Ravi Kiran Industries make The liquid syrup manufacturing plant also known as liquid oral manufacturing plant., is suitable for the preparation of pharmaceutical syrups, liquid orals, suspensions, etc. It is a complete untouched process complying with the latest CGMP norms.

The plant comes in product batch capacity ranging from 500 ltrs for small batch to 15 KL batch sizes.


  • Sugar / primary syrup manufacturing vessel.
  • Sugar filtration system.
  • Main manufacturing vessel.
  • Final filtration system
  • Inline homogenizer
  • Final product storage vessel
  • Sanitary Inter-connecting piping
  • CIP facility for all vessels
  • Central control panel
  • Integrated working platform for easy access

Ravi Kiran make liquid manufacturing plant consists of three individual vessel for the preparation of sugar syrup phase, main preparation and emulsification vessel for the final product manufacturing and the final storage vessel for the storage of the final product.

The three vessel system ensures adaptability for manufacture of various liquids and suspension in different batch sizes.


  • The Ravi Kiran Liquid Oral plant is designed as per the cGMP and FDA guidelines.
  • The plant is a completely closed system as per GMP requirements.
  • The Ravi Kiran Plant is provided with individual level of process control at each level of manufacturing process.
  • The completely integrated system with interconnection makes it easy for the operation, cleaning and validation of the plant.
  • All vessels are constructed out of S.S. 316 L quality and are manufactured as per FDA and GMP guidelines.
  • The sugar syrup preparation vessel is provided with a double jacket with mineral wool insulation for the heating operation for sugar syrup preparation. The final manufacturing vessel are provided with a full jacket for heating and / or cooling operations. The jacket is also provided with a mineral wool insulation with S.S. cladding as per GMP specifications.
  • The primary vessel, the main manufacturing vessel and the final storage vessel are provided as a standard with bottom entry high speed stirrer mounted on the bottom dish with standard mechanical seal of SIC Vs SIC face combination for trouble free operation. The mechanical seals are with jacket with cooling arrangement as a standard.
  • The speed of the mechanical stirrers for the vessels can be set from the Variable frequency drive provided in the panel as per the manufacturing process requirement and as mandated in the standard operation procedure (SOP) for the product manufacture.
  • The vessel is provided with internal baffles which are removable type for easy cleaning and gentle mixing. The baffles also help prevent vortex for better mixing.
  • A In-line homogenizer is provided for the manufacturing vessel for the preparation of the suspensions, emulsions, and similar difficult to mix products.
  • All the gaskets provided in the plant are of “Food Grade” Silicon with validation certificates.
  • The Ravi Kiran make Plant is provided with a pre filter for the sugar syrup filtration and a final filter for the filtration of the final liquid after manufacturing in the main preparation vessel.
  • All inter-connection pipe line is of S.S. 316 L quality. The plant piping is provided with sanitary tri-clover fittings for complete dismantling and opening of the line for cleaning and passivation during product changeover.
  • The valves provided in the Ravi Kiran plant are tri-clover type, completely sanitary type ball valve.
  • The interconnection pipe line is provided with sampling points at suitable locations. It is also provided with cleaning and validation points.
  • The tanks and provided with internal rotating spray ball for cleaning and passivation of the internal surfaces as per GMP/
  • The liquid syrup plant is provided with a single control panel located at a suitable location on the platform to operate and control all the processes from a single location.
  • A Full S.S. working platform with dimpled floor, stair case and railing is provided for the length of the plant with suitable arcs as per the vessel diameter for easy access and operation of the vessels.

Optional Features

  • An optional Vacuum loading system with vacuum pump for direct loading of sugar into the primary sugar preparation vessel can be provided.
  • Dynamic load cell with independent control unit can be provided for the primary sugar preparation and the main manufacturing vessel.
  • A lobe transfer pump for transfer of final product from storage vessel to the filling room.
  • Top entry stirrer with mechanical seal.
  • The control panel can be provided with a PLC based panel with MIMIC and menu options for complete automation and data validation.
  • Diaphragm Valves for all the vessels.

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