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Tube Filling Machine

We are one of the pioneer Pharmaceutical Machinery Manufacturers from India, We Manufacture Automatic Tube Filling Machine, for Lami and Aluminum Machine, we also manufacture Semi Automatic and Hand operated machine. We manufacture Tube Filling Machine in Rotary and linear type of machine. We manufacture combi model where you can do Lami and Alluminium tubes by switch of one button.

  • The proposed High Speed 12 Stations compact rotary Fully Automatic Lami/Plastic Tube Filling machine. Contact Part -SS-316. Model - GMP Capable to fills from 40-300ml
  • SS-316 Syringe Pump Housing and Rotary Piston Filling Device. With Blow off Device Pneumatic Tail Cut-off System.
  • NO TUBE - NO FILL Device. And Bottom up Filling System. Filling Accuracy +/ - 0.1%.
  • Filling Speed 40 to 50 tubes per min.
  • Tube diameter of 16-60mm and height 60-258mm,
  • Tube holding Cup SS-304. And SS Spring Loaded Change Part 12 nos. Nylon Holders one Tube Size will be provided.
  • Jacketed Hopper single Head Type of Capacity of 40 liters. Temparetcher Controller With 3 KW SS Tubular Heater.Belt Less Stirrer Device with augur to keep the product in Continuous homogeneous condition. Geared Motor 0.5 HP, RPM-40 REMI make. With Label Sensor and controller.
  • Manifold cam indexing device Make Camfild.