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Rapid Mixer Granulator Manufacturers in India

A rapid mixer granulator is a perfect mixer used widely in the major industries including chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and food products. The mixer is used for the task of wet granulation, dry mixing, solvent, and aqueous granulation and wax granulation, etc. ABC is the well-known Rapid Mixer Granulator Manufacturers in India working in this industry for over 30 years. We manufacture the best quality granulator as per the ISI guidelines and the requirements of the customers.

The chopper blade is a high speed blade with provided with specially designed blades to break the lumps into smaller granules with a short cycle time. The assembly is provided with a suitable bearing housing directly coupled to a suitable motor. The chopper rotation as a standard is at high speed can optionally be provided with VFD for speed variation.

Top factors which make us the best Rapid Mixer Granulator Manufacturers in India

For decades, we have been creating highly innovative and best designs so that our users can get maximum output from the equipment. Take a look at some of the reasons why we are the best Rapid Mixer Granulator Manufacturers in India:

  1. Granulators available in different shapes and holding capabilities

    The products are available in various structures and holding capacities ranging from 500 kgs to around 20,000 kgs.

  2. Amazing quality raw material

    Being the trusted Rapid Mixer Granulator Manufacturers in India, we aim to deliver the best quality products to customers all around the country. All the raw materials entertained for manufacturing the granulators are of superior quality and are ISO certified. We make sure there is no compromise with quality.

  3. Proper covering with SS sheet

    The complete machines are covered with SS sheet in order to secure the granulator from any sort of rusting or corrosion. This also increases the life of products and saves them from huge maintenance in long run.

  4. All happy customers

    We have served hundreds of customers to date and all of them praise us for the premier services offered by us. They always suggest our company name to people looking for Rapid Mixer Granulator Manufacturers in India.

  5. Easy cleaning process

    The granulator motor is attached to the shroud made of stainless steel. These shrouds are removable and hence this eases the process of cleaning the machine.

  6. Proper end to end testing

    The entire manufacturing process is equipped with proper testing at each and every stage. The quality control specialists make sure that none of the stages has any compromise with the quality. Once the complete development is done, there is final testing done in labs and then the product is delivered to the users.

  7. Always in the top 3 Google search results

    Google is the best option to search for prominent services and products. Open Google or any other search engine and type reliable Rapid Mixer Granulator Manufacturers in India and hit enter. The first three search results will have our company’s name for sure. This is due to our constant best work quality and diligent services.

  8. Affordable rates

    We do not believe in burning your pockets. All our products are available at super affordable and cost-effective rates. But this doesn’t mean we will hinder the product quality.

  9. 24/7 customer support

    We offer quick support to all our customers at any point of time. You can call us anytime and one of our representatives will be there to assist you in the best possible manner.